The predecessors of the conservatory were structures of stone with mica sheets for windows and were built by the Romans for the cultivation of plants. The modern conservatory evolved from the orangeries of Italian gardens during the Renaissance period. Orangeries were used to cultivate oranges (hence the name) and other citrus fruits from warmer climates.
Orangeries were considered symbols of wealth and status. At the time, glass was prohibitively expensive partly due to the cost and difficulty of producing the glass panes. The glass used was single-paned so orangeries required costly heating to maintain delicate tropical plants. Orangeries and conservatories are essentially the same type of structure but some consider those with flat roofs and less glass to be an orangery. The conservatory or greenhouse became highly fashionable in the Victorian era.

Within the last twenty years conservatories have made a strong come back which is constantly growing in demand and as the demand grows the manufacturing options constantly compliments the demands and bespoke needs.
Conservatories and Orangeries are now not a symbol of wealth but a way of creating another room which can offer many different uses. There are many other other benefits to a conservatory or orangery the main other being the increase in you property value, 90% of the time the value increases a lot more than the cost of the build.
The extras that can be part of your conservatory or orangerie design are endless nowadays such as self cleaning glass for the roof, solar control glass, electric roof vent openers with rain sensors and much more.
Whether its a standard lean to to a bespoke orangery Major Glass and Glazing have the dedication and discipline to guarantee that the finish product is exact to specification.

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